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Main partners



A partner of taste artisans since 1922, and a pioneer and specialist in the world of chocolate, Valrhona defines itself today as a company whose mission statement “Together, good becomes better” conveys the strength of its commitment.
Together with its employees, chefs, and cocoa producers, Valrhona creates the best in chocolate to shift the status quo towards a fairer, more sustainable cocoa industry and gastronomy that tastes great, looks great and does great things for the world.

Building long-term partnerships directly with cocoa producers, sharing know-how and looking for the next cocoa innovation are the challenges that drive us to do better every day.

Working alongside chefs, Valrhona promotes craftsmanship and supports them in their quest for uniqueness by constantly pushing the limits of creativity.

Thanks to its constant engagement with this raison d'être, Valrhona is proud to have obtained the very demanding B Corporation® certification in January 2020. It rewards the world's most engaged companies that put equal emphasis on economic, societal, and environmental performance.
Choosing Valrhona means committing to responsible chocolate made only from cocoa that can be traced back to the producer. 100% of the cocoa that we use can be traced back to our 16 979 producers, which provides the assurance of knowing where the cocoa came from, who harvested it, and that it was produced in good conditions. Choosing Valrhona means committing to a chocolate that respects both people and the planet.


Capfruit was founded back in 1999 in the Drôme region and aims at offering a wide range of fruit based ingredients for culinary and pastry professionals. Building on its know-how, Capfruit supports pastry chefs, cooks, caterers, but also ice cream makers, confectioners and chocolatiers by providing them with natural, authentic and sometimes original flavors to make their recipes.
Each year, more than 6,000 tonnes of fruit purees, coulis or even zests are delivered to them in about 60 countries around the world thanks to a network of specialized distributors.
Capfruit, partner committed from the land to the plate.



For 100 years, Debic is enabling pastry chefs to make creations that appeal to their customers. Debic offers a range of high quality cream and butter products, exclusively developed for professional hands. Debic is a proud partner of the World Pastry Cup for over 20 years.


Platinum partners


By combining tradition and innovation since 1933, Bragard marks the times by designing in the Vosges, in France, bold, creative, generous collections.
Bragard meets your requirements and preferences by offering comfortable products tailored to your profession so that every day you can write your story in Bragard!
With its recognized expertise, Bragard dresses hotel and restaurant professionals from all around the world, thereby affirming its international reputation and commitment to culinary excellence across borders.
In 1976 Bragard designs and launches the now famous Grand Chef jacket, in collaboration with Monsieur Paul Bocuse. The launch of this first iconic jacket for chefs marks a turning point in the history of the Bragard brand, transforming it into a global leader in professional apparel.
Carefully preserving its iconic products, Maison Bragard blends traditional values with modernity. The Studio B brand, inspired by ready-to-wear fashion, caters to daring professionals and aligns with fashion trends. A burst of creativity, uniqueness, and sharing "to break the norms."


Bravo Spa is an Italian multinational company leader in the production of a wide range of machines for the world of confectionery. Bravo Spa is synonymous of innovation and technological avant-garde and supports great professionals through a dense sales network of distributors in Italy and abroad and branches such as Bravo France, Bravo Deutschland, Bravo Asia and Bravo North America.


Premium partners


‘Advancing Your Ambitions’ is our philosophy, based on passion and commitment to provide the best combi oven solution to meet the varied needs of chefs across the globe.

Distilleries Peureux

Present in the most beautiful palaces, restaurants and bars in the world, the Grands Distilleries Peureux-Massenez are a must in this universe. World famous, notably for their famous Griottines® and Eaux-de-Vie, Crèmes & Liqueurs Massenez, they are also an inseparable partner of Gastronomy and the greatest Chefs.


At Dobla we believe cake, pastry or desserts should not only taste great, they have to look irresistible too as consumers buy with all of their senses. It is therefore our mission and passion to help our customers to create exciting experiences for their consumers through our chocolate decorations. That’s what we call ‘The Dobla Touch’


Since 1919, KitchenAid has been serving professionals and cooking enthusiasts around the world. Each product is designed to make everyday life easier and to allow you to unleash your creativity in the kitchen! Robust, durable and with a timeless design, KitchenAid appliances offer an experience worthy of a great chef.


NOROHY - Bold, pure vanilla for conscious cuisine. Our mission: Shining a spotlight on the men and women who work to make great vanilla through every step of the value chain and shaking the current standards to infuse fairer and more enlightened uses of vanilla.

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Région Auvergne Rhône-Alpes

SOSA Ingredients is a world leading manufacturer and distributor of premium ingredients for cooking and pastry-making. It´s aim is to support food professionals in creating the gastronomy of the future.
Founded in Catalonia in 1967, SOSA offers a wide range of products designed to meet chefs’ needs and ambitions in more than 80 countries worldwide.

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Associated brand

Ideal by UNL

A quality brand. With our Idéal’ range, UNL offers a daily selection of products that bakers have tested and approved according to their taste, form, ease of use, packaging and value for money. We partnered with our suppliers to develop this range of essential products to guarantee their availability and traceability.

Institut Paul Bocuse

The Institut Paul Bocuse reveals talents and trains the new generations in Culinary Arts and Hospitality & Food Service Management. Transmission, creativity and excellence are values that have been shared for 30 years within this unique ecosystem of initial training, research and professional training.


Guestonline is the independent reservation solution now being used by more than 2000 restaurants across France. The system of choice for starred and gourmet restaurants, Guestonline reduces no shows and improves relations with customers. It also gives back to society, supporting community based catering projects with its Réservation Responsable® program.


Since 1980, the SAGI  has been a strong player in professional refrigeration. Reliable and efficient modular refrigeration ranges with an ergonomic and functional design. Refrigerators, refrigerated  counters, rapid cooling cells, blast chiller-freezers and refrigerated displays. SAGI products are all made in Italy , whose production unit is located in ASCOLI PICENO. 

SAGI is a brand of the ANGELO PO Group.


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