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Destination Hungary

Hidden in the centre of Europe is a country where water roils under the earth and erupts to the surface, hot and healing. A country, where you can refresh your body and mind by relaxing in the hot water of genuine medieval Turkish baths, both in the summer and winter. Where you can always find something historic or modern that touches your soul, and the atmosphere is vibrant and relaxing at the same time.

Hungary is a land where people’s hospitality and love of food make eating out an enjoyable experience for anyone who comes here. Creative recipes, quality ingredients, and friendly service meet in the country’s gastronomy, offering a vivid fusion of authentic and modern meals.

A gastronomic (r)evolution has taken over Hungary in the past few years, new restaurants, bistros and street food places have been opening on almost every corner of its capital city, Budapest, but cuisine in the countryside is in bloom as well. Whether travellers want to have a multi-course meal while tasting the best wines of the country, or prefer to grab a bite in a more casual place, they will definitely find something for themselves in the large selection of venues for dining. From exquisite wine bars to unique and creative cooking courses and gastronomy festivals, the country offers an exciting spectrum to everyone who loves to eat.

Fine dining enthusiasts have a wide range of premium places to choose from as well. Budapest has four Michelin star restaurants that offer outstanding food presented in an artistic and spectacular way, with excellent service. In 2016 Hungary has also put its name on the global map of gastronomy by winning the right to host the European finals of Bocuse d’Or that our national team won as well.

In addition, the country is home to a wide spectrum of outstanding wines. Hungary is famous for such specialties as the Tokaji Aszú. However, not many people know that the country has 22 wine-growing sub-regions with countless small cellars where visitors can taste the selection of locally produced delicacies and a few wineries where it is even possible to blend their own cuvée wines. These wineries are run by a new generation of wine growers who mix traditional viticulture and modern technology in their production process, which results in excellent quality wines from locations like Lake Balaton, Eger, Tokaj, Szekszárd or Villány for instance.


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