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Pastry is emerging in the contemporary world. The desserts are now combining their sensitivity to technicality, to the new architectural and sensory expressions. Nothing stops the sweet creators of the 21st century. And since the world is moving on, the Pastry World Cup is changing dimension, with a completely rethought universal identity. Product sourcing, natural tastes, precise gestures, team spirit are combined for a intense and visionary baking experience. 


They are 4 among the most promising members of their country, a team president who participates in the tasting events and three candidates who work tirelessly for 10 hours to make both chocolate desserts to share, frozen desserts, restaurant desserts and two sculptures, one in chocolate and the other in sugar. 

Over a 2-year cycle, after 50 national and 5 continental selections, more than 20 nations are meeting at Sirha Lyon, for the Grand Final of the Pastry World Cup. 


    • 1989 : Pastry World Cup’s 1st edition 
    • 1993 : Introduction of the dessert on a plate 
    • 2006 : Creation of the Asian and European Pastry Cup 
    • 2008 : Creation of the Copa Maya - Selection contest for Latin America 
    • 2011 : Creation of the African Pastry Cup  
    • 2015 : Introduction of a whole bloc of sculpted Valrhona chocolate 
    • 2019 : Pastry World Cup celebrates its 30th anniversary, and a new President: Pierre Hermé 
    • 2020: Creation of Middle East selection  
    • 2021: end of the TOP 3 

    Pastry world cup is a network of players who share unanimity :

    EXCELLENCE : Seeks perfection through its art and technique
    RESPONSABILITY : Enhances the product while respecting the living
    INNOVATION : Express passion through limitless creativity
    EMOTION : Provokes sensory wonder through his/her desserts
    PRIDE : Represent and defend the colours of his/her country
    COMPETITIVENESS : Represent and defend the colours of his/her country
    FRATERNITY : Puts the individual at the service of other
    EXPERIENCE : Give the best of yourself for the contest of your life
    UNIVERSALITY : Express all the pastry sensibilities
    VOLUNTARILY : shares its know-how with current and future generations
    AMBASSADOR : Disseminates the values of the competition through its interpersonal skills and know-how

    Are you a chef and would you like to represent your country in the Pastry World Cup?
    Do you want to set up a Pastry World Cup Club in your country?


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