| Publié le 27 mars 2018
Sélection Continentale


Special Pastry Consultant




Why the desire to become a pastry chef?

Ever since I can remember, there has always been dessert at my house, my mother always did amazing things or bought some. That made me interested in the pastry world. A meal without dessert, for me is not a real meal.

What is your favorite pastry technique?

I love to beat. I like to see how something fluid suddenly doubles or triples in volume.
It is entertaining.

What is the ingredient that you do not like to work with?

Chocolate (because I only want to eat it)!

Today, what is the biggest challenge of your work?

Avoid using sugar in my desserts but maintaining a good pastry technique.

What do you think is the culinary, gastronomic, pastry success of your country?

The product that we have. In general all the fruits or local products are incredible.

What do you think about the "health" aspect in Pastry?

It is very important especially in this country because we have a serious problem of obesity, diabetes, hypertension, among others. It is important to take care of the food of our guests.
As chefs, we must be socially responsible and cook healthy and sustainably.



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