| Posted May 7, 2019
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By Fabiola PEREIRA DE GIRAUD, pastry chef at « Le Petit Paris ».

President of the team of Guatemala in 2013, Fabiola works in her country to highlight local and international pastry. Find here two trends not to be missed:


Floral flavours

The floral trend  persisted. First, enhance the taste of your plate with flowers like violet, acacia flower, elderflower and also the flowers of geraniums that will bring a hint of lemon, or and apple. Second, impress your customers with a beautiful decoration of comestibles flowers on your desserts. The Malaysian team understood the powerful power of flowers by creating an entremets named “La Floraison”.

Naturals colorants






To spice up your creations, nothing better than colors ! The plant food pigments offered by Nature are everywhere, they are 100% natural made from fruits, vegetables, spices or flowers. Do you have a favourite color ?  To create red, use the beetroot, its sweet taste allows it to be used in pastry ! An orange dessert ? Choose carrot juice ! Do you prefer yellow ? Dandelion flowers will color your most beautiful creations ! The pastry-chef Hugues Pouget from Hugo & Victor Paris create plant and fruity collections without chemical dye!


For Spanish speakers, watch the video of our chef Fabiola Pereira de Giraud which describes all the trends 2019 for pastry and wedding. Clic here !

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