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| Posted April 25, 2017

Question: How did you prepare for the competition?

Japan Team: During the summer 2016 the team started to think about the theme and the different creations that we wanted to do.
We started our first artistic creations in August and we then, during fall, trained once a week and participated in 10 mock contests.

: Can you explain why did you choose the Jazz Frog Theme?

Japan Team: Initially we discussed on our main strengths and then we decided to represent “animals” through our artistic creations.
Regarding sculptures made out of sugar, we thought it was interesting to represent the woods atmosphere. And it is through the sculpture of the singer and the piano that we’ve represented the “frog concert”.

Q: What was the most difficult part for you during the contest?

Japan Team: We reproduced the same laboratory used in the contest zone so we could train in the same conditions as during the competition, in order for us to be ready on the D-day.
However, in Japan we don’t work with the same machines that we had to use during the contest so it has not been easy to adapt.
Moreover, it was also difficult to work the chocolate in the best conditions due to the high temperatures on the contest zone.

Q: Which trial has been the most difficult?

Japan Team: Our main concern was to finish on time, and our main challenge was to control our working time.
A lot of teams kept on working after 4:30, but a pastry chef has to complete the work on time.
It is one of the profession’s principles.

Q: This was the 15th edition of the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie. What is your vision about the contest? What did it bring to the pastry world since its creation?

Japan Team: Japan has participated to each Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie edition, since its creation, in 1989.
And thanks to our predecessors, we had the chance to participate in the contest as one of the countries from the TOP 7.
Just like our predecessors, we want to transmit our passion and our experiences to the future candidates for the 2019 edition.

Q: You won the silver medal, what does this mean for you?

Japan Team: Our goal was to win, and we didn’t expect this result.
But we are still satisfied of the work we have done, and there isn’t any other contest like this one with as many supporters from all over the world.

Q: Now you are vice world champions, what are your plans for the future?

Japan Team: The candidates from the 2015 edition, were very supportive and were by our side to make it to the finals in Lyon in January.
We also want to give advices and be useful to the future candidates for the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie in 2019.
We are all more than 40 years old, and our missions is to transmit our experience and passion to the new generation of Japanese pastry Chefs.

Q: In conclusion, can you sum up your adventure at Sirha in three words?

Japan Team: LIVE with Passion

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