| Posted February 14, 2018
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Recipe by Andrew Gravett



Dulcey Namelaka        

  • 100 gr. Milk                            
  • 5 gr. Glucose                    
  • 170 gr. Dulcey  
  • 12 gr. Gelatine mass (1/5)          
  • 200 gr. UHT cream 35%

Boil the milk and dissolve the gelatin mass.

Soften the dulcey and add the glucose.    

Gradually pour the hot milk onto the chocolate, mixing to create an elastic core.     

Continue to add the remaining liquid to finish the emulsion.     

Use a stick blender to smooth the ganache, add the liquid cream and blend again.

Leave to crystalize in the fridge overnight.                            


Pink Grapefruit Sorbet       

  • 123 gr. Water                                           
  • 110 gr. Caster sugar      
  • 43 gr. Atomised glucose              
  • 2,6 gr. Super neutrose                 
  • 220 gr. Pink Grapefruit juice                                 

Warm the water to 40°C.

Add the mix of sugars and stabiliser.

Bring to a boil and pour onto the juice.

Smooth with a stick blender.

Leave to mature for a minimum of 6 hours.

Blend before churning.

Churn and freeze.              


Earl Grey Cream               

  • 13 gr. Earl Grey tea        
  • 250 gr. Milk                      
  • 85 gr. UHT cream 35%  
  • 20 gr. Light brown sugar             
  • 25 gr. Corn flour              
  • 250 gr. UHT cream 35%              

Infuse the Earl Grey tea in the cold milk overnight.

Strain the milk.

Mix the infused milk, cream, corn flour and sugar.

Bring to a boil continually whisking for approximately 2 minutes.

Pour into a tray, add cling film and cool.

Soften the thickened milk with a whisk, add the remining cream and whisk to a pipeable texture.  


Pink Grapefruit Gel

  • 100 gr. Pink Grapefruit juice                             
  • 100 gr. Absolu glaze             

Blend the ingredients together, refrigerate.



  • 130 gr. Caster sugar               
  • 9 gr. Powdered Earl Grey
  • 100 gr. Glucose                              

Cook the sugar and glucose to 155°C.

Pour onto a tray and leave to cool.

When cold, blend in the powdered tea.

Sieve thinly onto a silicone mat.

Bake at 180°C until the sugar has melted.

Remove from the oven and while hot, shape into the desired shape.     

Store in an airtight container.


Choux Pastry

  • 83 gr. Water
  • 83 gr. Milk
  • 4,6 gr. Caster sugar
  • 4,6 gr. Salt
  • 75 gr. Butter
  • 91 gr. Flour 55
  • 166 gr. Eggs

Warm the liquids, butter, salt and sugar.

Bring to a boil making sure the butter is completely melted.

Add the flour and incorporate completely.

Pour the mix into an electric mixer bowl and using the paddle, leave to mix on a medium speed.

When cool, add the eggs gradually until the desired texture is achieved.

Pipe into 10 gr./choux.



  • 185 gr. Light brown sugar
  • 150 gr. Butter
  • 185 gr. Flour 55

Mix all the ingredients to a paste.

Roll between sheets to 15mm.

Freeze, cut discs of 30mm diameter to place on each chou.

Bake separate discs on silpain mats 25mm diameter, 2mm thick.



Bake the choux, leave to cool before cutting off the base.          

Fill the choux with 3 gr. of Grapefruit Gel, 10 gr. of Dulcey Namelaka.         

Cover the choux with a disc of Craquelin and pipe a 10 gr. drop of the Earl Grey Cream.       

Sauce the plate with the grapefruit coulis, place three choux onto the plate and decorate with shards of Opaline, Grapefruit confit zests and a quenelle of pink grapefruit sorbet.

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